Real Estate Experts Agree, These Features Increase Home Value

Remodeling a home is one of the best ways to increase the value of the property and create an environment that is both more functional and attractive. Doing a kitchen and bath remodel is one of the top actions that will improve your home. While any improvement or upgrading that you might do to the property will help, there are a couple of features that can make a big difference in the value of your home.

Can a kitchen and bath remodel improve property value?

One of the places that people spend the most time in their home is the bathroom. An old bathroom with old fixtures and plumbing can dramatically decrease the value of your home. Adding some special features such as a rain head shower or a shower without a threshold can change both the look and value of your bathroom. Some other features that are sought after including floating vanities in the bathroom and even upgraded toilets with more efficiency can make a difference.

Kitchen Upgrades are also in Demand

The kitchen can be upgraded in with added appliances such as more efficient dishwashers as well as faucets that function better for a busy life. A plumber can also install a second sink for use in the kitchen making cleanup easier. Other appliances might include upgraded refrigerators with built in ice makers and even cold and hot water taps. These conveniences can really change the way people look at your home.

Upgrading function for efficiency is also a game changer.

While your old plumbing might be working just fine, there are some things that you can change that will create a more efficient home. Using an on-demand hot water heater can provide you with less energy usage. Water saving features such as faucets that shut off when not in use and toilets that have flush options can provide you with savings and increase the value of the property.

When you are working on a kitchen and bath remodel keep in mind that there are some items that can actually reduce the value of the property. Personal features like unusual faucets and sinks as well as over the top shower fixtures with lights and sounds might push away some potential buyers. Staying up to date on bathroom remodeling trends will help you to install the bathroom upgrades that people are looking for. In-demand fixtures can be a great way to bring in more buyers to a home you plan on selling in the near future.